September 15 2014

The Hard Rock Hotel – Chicago – Review *BackTrack*

hard rock chicago

Today we’re kicking off a new series called “BackTrack” where we write about places we have traveled pre-blog. With our upcoming trip to Chicago, we decided what better way to get in the mood then to remember our trip from last year:

On Michigan Ave. in the heart of Chicago, you will find a giant green building with a golden cap on top. This unique piece of architecture is the “Carbide and Carbon Building” better known as The Hard Rock Hotel. Quite literally walking distance from just about everything in Downtown Chicago, once you park your car there is really no need to get it back out and drive again. In fact, most of the time its actually faster to walk than to try and get anywhere in the crazy Chicago traffic.

hard rock chicago

Adorned with rock memorabilia (naturally) the lobby was quite hip and modern looking. There was rock playing from the overhead speakers and even the employees seemed edgy and cool. There was a small lounge and (of course) a Hard Rock store where you can get all of that merchandise you just love to collect. Their rooms can be a bit pricey, however, on this particular trip it had been comped for us for an event completely unrelated to the hotel or this blog. We arrived a bit too early so our room wasn’t ready when we checked in. Anxious to get out on the town, they gladly held our luggage for us so we could go sight seeing and everything would be set by the time we got back.

hard rock chicago

Our room was nice… simple, modern, with some rock inspired artwork and a somewhat decent view of the city. Upon closer inspection of the room, however, the furniture looks like it has taken a beating and we joked that there were probably some hard core parties held there. The in-room snacks were on some type of pressure sensor device that could tell if they had been tampered with… at $8 for a bottle of water I made sure we didn’t set anything near it as to not accidentally knock something over.

hard rock chicagohard rock chicago










Our view was that of buildings… but essentially that’s Chicago. However, we did get a small view of “the Bean” off in the distance. Overall it was a nice place to stay …if given the choice we will probably stay there again if the rates are competitive at the time.

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