August 21 2014

Tahquamenon Falls – Paradise, Michigan – Travel Guide

tahquamenon falls paradise michigan

The Overview:

The beautiful Tahquamenon Falls are most definitely a place in Paradise! Paradise, Michigan to be exact. Roughly an hour and a half drive from the bridge will bring you to this must-see Michigan attraction. The Tahquamenon Falls State Park is split up into 2 separate areas: the Upper and Lower Falls. A Michigan Recreation Passport is all that is required for entry. If you do not have one they are available for purchase at the Upper Falls for the low price of $11 which grants you entry to all of Michigan’s state parks for the year.

tahquamenon falls paradise michigan

The Upper Falls:

The upper falls are the most grand of all the waterfalls in the area. The second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi so they say. There are several viewing platforms both at the top, and bottom of the falls. Also, there are even hiking trails which travel from the Upper to the Lower falls which are really quite scenic. There is also a really nice gift shop as well as a food stand, and even a pub. The Tahquamenon Falls Brewery and Pub offers fine dining and micro brewed beers. It is located right next to the gift shop and is open year round. We did not, however, eat there as it wasn’t in the schedule for this visit.

tahquamenon falls paradise michigan

The Lower Falls:

The Lower Falls area has several smaller waterfalls to view. The park is much more understated than the Upper since it is not as big of a draw. There is, however, one feature unique to the Lower Falls and it’s that you can take a row-boat across the water to the small island where you can actually go play in the falls themselves! The row boats are available for rental for a small fee (around $7) and it is an incredible experience which we highly recommend!

tahquamenon falls paradise michigan

Things to Note:

  • Some viewing areas are not wheel chair accessible and require climbing up and down a great deal of steps, but there are plenty of viewing spots that do not require stairs.
  • The best time to go is late fall. The park is almost deserted and you practically have the place to yourself.
  • If you’re into Letterboxing, there are several in the park, however, we could only find one.
  • The pub is open year round but the website suggests calling ahead during the off season to be sure they’re open.
  • There are several hiking trails to choose from ranging from 1 mile to 7.5 miles and are also open to cross-country skiing.

tahquamenon falls michigan

The Opinions:

Betsy: I have been to the Falls many times in my lifetime but they still never cease to amaze me. Thanks to the beautiful scenery and calming atmosphere it is actually one of my favorite places to go. I really love taking the row boats across and exploring that area of the lower Falls. There is just something about actually being able to get into the Falls that makes that aspect extra special. This is a must stop for me while in the UP.

Chris: I visited the falls as a child and it’s one of my fondest memories growing up. We never traveled much when I was younger except for a tour of Northern Michigan so it had a major imprint into my memory. The Falls will always be on top of my list of must see Michigan attractions and we will continue to go back year after year.

tahquamenon falls michigan


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