September 11 2014

Papa Lou’s Pizza Pub & Grill – Review – Petoskey, Michigan

papa lou's petoskey


Adventurer’s Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars! Excellent!

In the heart of Downtown Petoskey, you will find a stretch of road with all sorts of unique shops and restaurants. We were taking in the sights and doing a little shopping when we stumbled upon Papa Lou’s Pizza Pub & Grill. Their menu was posted outside and had a wide selection available to order but featured what-else but pizza. So we went inside and got a table.

papa lou's petoskey

The decor was warm and inviting. The brick and highly lacquered and irregular wood went very well together. They had a balcony but we chose to dine inside, I think they may have been a mistake because I bet the view outside was amazing. There seemed to be several little quirks that added to its charm such as: the mens room door was hung upside down. The bar had swings instead of stools… yes actual swings hanging from the ceiling! But enough about the decor we came in for the food so after browsing our options we chose a specialty pizza called “The Heap of Meat Pizza” which ran about $20 for a large.

papa lou's petoskey

When the pizza arrived it was exactly that… a Heap of Meat! We devoured it but couldn’t even finish the whole thing between the 4 of us. It. Was. Awesome! You cant really do pizza wrong but not everyone can do it right either… Papa Lou’s does it right! My only gripe was that our waiter was a bit flaky and spaced out. Our cups ran dry without a refill to be found… not a deal breaker I mean everyone has an off day and the food more than made up for it. We boxed up the leftovers and headed on our way… full and happy! I may or may not have had pizza related dreams that night and lunch the next day was spectacular! This is a must visit for us next time we’re in town!

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