August 13 2014

Our {Unplanned} Trip Up North – Travel

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From the title of this post you might be thinking that we went up north on the spur of the moment and while that would have been pretty awesome, that would be an incorrect statement. We are both planners plus we both have children so spur of the moment trips don’t really happen. But sometimes life has a way of throwing a wrench into even the most perfectly laid plan.

Mackinaw Beach Selfie

In this case we planned to go see the sights around Northern Michigan. In fact, we had been planning it for a couple of months. We had every aspect of our trip nailed down: what we were going to do, when, and for how long. It was to be a romantic getaway full of walks on the beach and sunset cruises  just the two of us …with a side trip to visit Betsy’s family who lives in the area. Everything was set and the date was drawing near when an event set our whole “unplanned” trip into motion…

Mackinaw City Ice Cream

The first change happened just a couple of days before the trip… the biggest change. It was then that we learned that we would have Chris’s kids for the weekend. Very quickly our romantic trip was scrapped and the new family trip was born. We tried to incorporate Betsy’s son (Thing 3) into our plans but he was with his father for the week and could not join us. Most of what we planned was still applicable (minus the smooching till all hours of the night) so with very little change to our itinerary we set off.

Letterboxing the Headlands

What kind of things were unplanned other than our new trip status? Construction and traffic (naturally), Letterboxing and Geocaching, boat trips that never happened, an accidental setting on our Garmin while in the UP that had us heading towards Wisconsin, and a stop in Petoskey. Each story would be far too lengthy to cover here so we will be breaking them up into upcoming posts. Despite all of those things not being planned, we had a great trip and even appreciated most of the snafus that we encountered (with the exception of the Garmin issue. Although ending up in Wisconsin would have made for a fun story). It just goes to show that change is meant to be embraced. Although that is easier said than done sometimes.

Castle Rock

Well now that you know the background behind our trip, are you ready to read all the details about our entire up north adventure? In case you missed it, you can click here to read about the cabin that we stayed in and then keep your eyes peeled for lots of posts from here on out about the trip as we crammed in a LOT of things in just one weekend!


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