October 31 2014

HalloWeekends At Cedar Point – Sandusky Ohio – Review


Each October, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio transforms into a Halloween paradise called HalloWeekends. As the name suggests, they are just open on the weekends this late in the year. Tickets for this event are lower compared to the regular summer time admission prices and they even offer special “Fright Lane” passes to skip the haunted lines. We have always wanted to go to this event so when some of our fellow bloggers had free tickets to give away we jumped at the opportunity… and guess what …WE WON!

We had already been to Cedar Point this year so this was just a bonus for us. With only 3 weekends left (at the time) we took a shot in the dark and went on the 25th as that was the only day we had available. As it turns out, October 25th turned out to be a beautiful, warm, sunny day and we thought: what could be more perfect? So we packed up the kids and hit the road from Metro Detroit to Sandusky, Ohio.

Betsy’s son, “thing3”, is not quite tall enough to go on the big rides so our plan was to split up and enjoy the park in our own separate ways.



The “kids side” of Halloweekends: Just inside the gates the kids are greeted with a giant Frankenstein and sign in table. Each kid was given a log sheet and a bag for trick-or-treating. They had several stations set up for the kids to visit and collect some goodies. There were also special areas set up for this event like a corn maze and several live performances on stage.



There were also lots of costumed characters wandering around the area for plenty of photo opportunities. There was so much for kids to do over and above the normal rides (which there are a ton) that the only problem was deciding what to do next. Most of the lines were short so kids were able to maximize their time in the park making this a great value for the youngsters!


The “adult side” of Halloweekends: I use the term “adult side” loosely, what I really mean is: anyone tall enough to ride on the bigger rides. When we first arrived we hopped on a few coasters before lunch. The lines were average (15-20 mins) so we were able to knock out a couple in a short amount of time. After lunch, however, more and more people were packing into the park. The day was so completely beautiful that everyone seemed to have the same idea as we did and who could blame them? But there were several larger rides closed down, some for the season and some for possible technical difficulties (Top Thrill Dragster only ran a few times the whole day) so that funneled the people onto the open rides and lines began to get longer and longer. As the afternoon went on, lines skyrocketed up to 2 or more hours and even the “Fast Pass” lines had long waits. This didn’t bother us so bad because we won these tickets and this was strictly a bonus, but it was pretty tiring trying to find something with a reasonable enough line to wait in.


The “spooky side” of Halloweekends: Needless to say, they went all out on the decorations for this event! So much to see everywhere you looked… there had to be a few hundred skeletons scattered around the park. Some buildings were transformed into haunted house attractions (only open evenings) and we even saw a few rides get spooky makeovers too.


One of our favorite displays was the ride graveyard with it’s newest addition: the Mantis”. Elsewhere there was a Disaster Transport train complete with what else but skeletons lol. After 7pm they close down some of the kiddie sections and then change over to the “scary side” of Cedar Point. There were quite a few attractions that didn’t open until after this time… most likely to give the parents time to get the smaller children out  before the real frights start. And that’s right where we fit in… we debated staying for the after dark portion but opted to call it a day instead just to be safe. At dinner time, we left the park to eat in Sandusky before heading home.


Have you been to HalloWeekends? 

How was your experience? 

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