March 2 2015

Getting Around While On Vacation

Getting Around While On Vacation

As we mentioned in this post, where we stay while on vacation is something that we spend a lot of time researching before we make our decision. Once we have our accommodations locked in, we then start to figure out how we are going to get around while we are on vacation. As a general rule we do not enjoy driving once we get to our destination as neither of us like to drive in places that we are not familiar with and we find that it just adds unnecessary stress and anxiety to the trip. There are times, however when the best option is for us to rent a car, but we try to avoid it if possible. (We have fond memories of a trip to Florida where Betsy had to back up out of a toll booth on the expressway because we didn’t have the pass needed to open the gate. Fun times.)


When we went to Disney World we did not need to rent a car as we stayed at one of the Disney properties and thus we received free transportation to and from the airport as well as to all of the parks. That worked perfectly for us! When we went to San Francisco, we didn’t rent a car either. Instead we used all of the various public transportation options available to get around once we left the airport and overall that worked well as soon as we figured out how it all worked.

When we went to Disneyland we did not rent a car either even though we were not staying at one of the Disney hotels. Instead we utilized SuperShuttle for transportation to and from the airport and because our hotel was close to the parks we were able to walk to wherever we wanted to go. SuperShuttle is an airport shuttle service that can take many people to and from the airport at one time and is an affordable transportation option as long as you don’t mind sharing the shuttle with people who you do not know.




The Experience

We made reservations with SuperShuttle in advance on their website for our Disneyland trip. It was quick and painless and we even found a promo code that saved us a little bit of money! It pays to search for those promo codes! Because SuperShuttle had our airline information they knew exactly when we landed and even sent a text message welcoming us and giving us some shuttle information. We found the SuperShuttle pick up at area at LAX with relative ease and we checked in with the SuperShuttle agent. Once checked in we received another text message letting us know what number van we would be getting on and it even gave us the option to track the van so that we could see how far away it was and how long it would be before it would pick us up.

While we waited for our van to arrive a different SuperShuttle agent replaced the one that had checked us in (possible shift change?) and that resulted in a bit of confusion when we tried to get into the shuttle that we were assigned to. The new agent told us that it wasn’t our shuttle despite our attempts at showing him the text message with the van number we were assigned to. The driver of the shuttle quickly resolved the issue and we boarded the shuttle headed for our hotel. The drive from LAX to the Disneyland area takes about 40 minutes but we also had to stop at other hotels before we got to ours as the shuttle was filled with people going to neighboring hotels so it took longer than 40 minutes. Not a big deal for us but something to keep in mind if you decide to book SuperShuttle. The way back to the airport is the same situation. The SuperShuttle picks everyone up from various hotels and then goes to the airport.


The Opinions

Betsy: I found SuperShuttle very easy to reserve and I really liked the text communication that we received when we landed and while we were waiting for our shuttle to arrive. The only thing I was a bit irritated by was when the SuperShuttle agent wouldn’t let us board the van that I knew was ours. I didn’t appreciate the way that he dismissed what I had to say without actually looking into it first. Overall my experience with SuperShuttle was positive though and I wouldn’t let that small snafu dissuade me from booking with them again.

Chris: In addition to this trip, I had to use SuperShuttle once before in Chicago when Betsy and I had to return home separately. Each time went smooth and easy. I was dropped off right in front of the terminal where I needed to be so there was no guess work. I will definitely be making use of this service again!

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