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Cedar Point – Sandusky, Ohio – Travel Guide


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The Planning

Before we go anywhere we research, research, research. We look into when is the best time to go so that we can make the most of our experience. You should be able to find the anticipated crowd level for just about any amusement park on Google. In this case, July’s estimates were high but not as bad as August so we opted to go sooner rather than later. Also, crowd levels vary by day of the week so we chose a Tuesday as it seemed the least likely to be busy. And for outdoor attractions like this, we constantly check the weather.

Between the 2 of us we have 3 children. For blogging purposes we will refer to them as “Thing 1”, “Thing 2”, and “Thing 3” (oldest to youngest). And while Cedar Point is very kid-friendly (they have 3 big areas full of rides for little ones) we chose to go on a day when Thing 3 would be at his fathers so we could focus exclusively on the “big kid” areas of the park.

Before buying tickets, we scoured the internet to find the best discounts so that we can get the biggest bang for our buck. This year, Cedar Point offered a few specials right on their website. They had a “Ride and Refresh” deal (admission and free drink wristband) for $50 and a “Three Day Advance” ticket (buy it at least 3 days in advance) for $45. We got 1 “Ride and Refresh” and 3 “Three Day Advance” tickets for a grand total of $200 after the $15 parking fee.

They also offer “Fast Lane” line-jumper tickets for an outrageous amount of money: an additional $60 – $80 per person! This did not make sense for us but I could see how it would be useful to some people. They also offered a dining plan for $30/person that we did not buy either. (there is a 90 minute wait time in between meals)

Research definitely pays off. We call it smart adventuring and we highly recommend it as the better prepared you are, the better your experience is going to be.

The Experience

On Tuesday morning we left our house with Thing 1 and 2 in tow. The park was scheduled to open at 10am and the drive from our house to Cedar Point was expected to take just a little over 2 hours which is a very manageable drive. We left a smidge later than expected and we ran into a bit of traffic on 94 during rush hour but despite all of that we managed to get to Cedar Point around 10:30am which still gave us a full day to enjoy the park.

Entry into the park was a simple process as we had already purchased our tickets online. We simply handed our pre-printed tickets to the employee at the gate and we were in! The “Ride and Refresh” ticket had to also be redeemed at a food counter for the beverage armband. As it turned out, the armband was only good for 1 drink every 60 minutes when it was advertised “free soft drinks all day long” which was not a big deal but would have been nice to know ahead of time.

cedar point raptor

We had decided to make a mad dash to GateKeeper as it is one of the newer roller coasters and was sure to have long lines all day. Chris and Thing 1 waited in line while Betsy and Thing 2 sought out a restroom and rode a few of the calmer (i.e. not rollercoaster) rides. Although the line for GateKeeper was moving quickly it eventually stalled and the coaster appeared to be shut down for reasons were are not sure of. After getting out of the GateKeeper line it appeared that all of the roller coasters with the exception of the wooden roller coasters were down. It was strange and we never did figure out what was going on. Throughout the day we ran into several instances of individual rides shutting down before we made it through the line to get on it. This included the Iron Dragon and WindSeeker. WindSeeker was down due to high winds and the Iron Dragon seemed to be having technical issues as we saw people stuck on it twice.


cedar point scrambler

While the roller coasters were down early in the day we rode the fun carnival type rides like the Scrambler and the Matterhorn. This was good for us because it was something we all could enjoy together. Although we were a bit disappointed with the way the day started we were undeterred from making the best of it.

joe cool cafe

Before we knew it was time for lunch! We decided to eat at the Joe Cool Cafe because we had eaten there last year and had a good experience. Plus it is air conditioned and the temperatures were reaching 90 degrees outside. The menu is primarily pizza but they have a few sandwiches and other options as well. Inside it’s all decked out in “Peanuts” decor and they play “Charlie Brown” cartoons all day long. We ordered a 16 inch pepperoni pizza which ran about $20 but was more than enough for the 4 of us. We skipped to pop and stuck with water in order to stay better hydrated on such a hot day. In total with tax and tip we spent under $30 which was the most economical choice in the entire park.

cedar point mantis

After lunch we meandered farther into the park and hit up whatever rides had decent wait times. At it’s peak, the biggest rides had about an hour and fifteen minute wait which is not bad, however, we skipped those and kept checking back until the lines were better. The longest we ever waited for a ride was 50 minutes and that was for the Maverick which is a newer very in demand coaster.

cedar point fort

Later in the afternoon, we stopped in Frontiertown for ice cream and throughout the day we were constantly stopping every 60 minutes to use our drink wristband. It was definitely a good idea to get the wristband. To supplement the 60 minutes in between drink fill ups you can ask for free ice water at any of the drink stands. It’s not advertised but they will give you small cups of water if you ask.

top thrill dragster

One of the highlights of the day was finding that the wait for the Top Thrill Dragster was only 30 minutes! That was unheard of! Chris and Thing 1 (both roller coaster junkies) took full advantage of that. Last year the ride caught Thing 1 off guard so he was a bit hesitant to try it again… but in the end he sucked it up and guess what …he loved it!

snake river falls

To escape the heat, Cedar Point has several water rides to get you soaked. The kids were anxious to go on some but us adults would rather not walk around in soaking wet clothes all day so we did not ride any. We did, however, get near the splash zones to get a bit of cool refreshing spray on us without getting soaked to the bone.


cedar point j rockets

Dinner proved to be a bit of a conundrum. The heat was sweltering so an indoor air-conditioned dining room was a must. Last year we had eaten dinner at Johnny Rockets and had a bad experience. The food was fine but there were tons of flies and it was just unbearable. No one wants flies in or around their food. After much walking around trying to find an indoor restaurant we found ourselves back at Johnny Rockets and it turned out that not much had changed. As we were waiting to be seated we counted more flies in the place than people! UGH! Needless to say we ended up leaving before we were seated.

midway market

Sometimes the best places hide in plain sight and we must have walked past Midway Market a dozen times without a single glance over to see what it was. It turned out to be a buffet and at $15 per adult and $10 for kids our first reaction was that it was too expensive. But there was something there for everyone, it was air conditioned, and it wasn’t swarming with flies so we decided to go in anyways. There really was a lot to choose from. It was divided up by category: kids, home cooking, Italian, international, and salad bar.

photo 4

Considering it came with unlimited drinks and dessert, it really wasn’t too bad. For $50 we ate like kings! We would easily spend that going out to eat anywhere and we all left happy and that is priceless.

cedar point mantis 2

After dinner we rode as many rides as possible until the park closed at 10pm. We all left smiling as it truly was a great day!

The Opinions


Betsy: As you may know, Cedar Point is known for its roller coasters so it may strike you as odd to hear that I don’t like coasters. In fact, I don’t like heights. The bravest I get, is going on the Iron Dragon or the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. (Although this year I did try the new ride, Pipe Scream and I was scared! lol) That obviously limits what rides I will go on but surprisingly there are still a lot of rides for people like me.

Often times, one of Chris’s kids won’t want to go on one of the rides that I don’t want to go on as well, so we will go off and ride something else or just hang out and wait for the other two to get done. It makes for a good arrangement for us and it it nice to spend some one on one time with each of his kids.

This is our second year going to Cedar Point and we have really enjoyed it each time. We will definitely be back again!


Chris: The first time I went to Cedar Point I was about Thing 1’s age and fell in love with the place. From the classic Midway Arcade, the Sky Ride, Frontier Town, and yes the coasters! I had been waiting and waiting for my kids to finally be old enough to go (without having to spend the day in the kiddie sections). Last year I took them for the first time and I knew from then on I wanted to keep bringing them back every year if possible.

We really picked a good day to go. Even though it was hot, the crowds were very manageable and for the most part we never waited in much of a line at all. I rode Millennium Force and Maverick for the first time ever… in past years the lines were 1 1/2 hrs or more so to get on both each under an hour was awesome! I was nearly able to ride on all of the coasters in one trip, if it wasn’t for the several shut-downs during the day I probably would have.

I had one incident the whole day. On the ride called the “Soaring eagle” (see picture below)

cedar point soaring eagle

The ride swings around and you steer with a giant wing in the front. With my vast knowledge of science and aerodynamics I would swoop in and then get whipped back out super high… only …apparently you are not allowed to do that because the ride operators were yelling and screaming at me. I was doing nothing wrong! Nothing crazy, violent, or erratic… I was sitting still in my cart and moving the sail in… then out …in ….out maybe every 5 seconds or so. This was not my first time on a ride like this, they’ve been around forever… but the ride operators accused me of “bouncing the cart” and threatened to have me removed?!? Whatever, I brushed it off. I cant be the only person in history to understand how to use the wing effectively.

All-in-all this was a great trip and the GF and I may come back this fall for Halloweekends… ya know …for the blog 😉



The boys on the Scrambler
The boys on the Scrambler
Cedar Point Midway
Cedar Point Midway
Midway Arcade
Midway Arcade
Sky Ride
Sky Ride
Pipe Scream
Pipe Scream
Mean Streak
Mean Streak
Frontier Shops
Frontier Shops
Wind Catcher
Wind Catcher


Lunch at Joe Cool Cafe
Lunch at Joe Cool Cafe


A mouth full of chicken at Midway Market
A mouth full of chicken at Midway Market



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