August 11 2014

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular

Type: Live Show

Location: various cities, times/dates

Ticket price $30-$100

Notes: suitable for children, parental advisory – loud scary noises

photo 5

Based on the BBC show of the same name, Walking With Dinosaurs takes you on a journey through prehistoric time using incredibly life-like puppets and robots. It is geared towards younger kids but is interesting enough for the whole family.

photo 1

It is hosted by an “adventurer” who both narrates and interacts with the events taking place. He sets up each era with great facts and details while using special effects to keep everything interesting. The dialog is very easy to follow for kids while adults don’t feel as though he is talking “kiddie talk” to them.

photo 3

The show runs roughly 2 hours and includes a 20 minute intermission at the halfway point. At the Palace of Auburn Hills, where we attended the show, they charged an additional $10 for parking. Many of the concession stands were open selling the typical stadium food at typical stadium prices.

photo 4

Overall the show was good. The ticket price is a bit steep but understandable once you see these giant Dinosaurs walking around the stage. (we got ours free from a giveaway by MichiGal Travels) The Dinos were impressive… VERY IMPRESSIVE! They moved in a very lifelike fashion, even bobbing a little with every step. Their size may not have been 100% true to life but they were still gigantic! The story line was a tad bit dull and there was a lot of filler material in between Dinos. In the end the boys had a great time and really that’s all that mattered.

photo 2

According to the website, they are touring many of the major cities in the U.S. And Canada. There are no more dates in the Detroit area, it appears the show is moving across the country east to west so your only chance to catch it is the western states or Canada.