August 5 2014

Maker Faire Detroit – 2014 – Review

This post was made possible by The Henry Ford who gave Chris 4 tickets to the Maker Faire through his blog The Nerf Herder. Click here to read the full post on his blog. 


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The Planning

Not a lot of planning was involved in this adventure. With the Maker Faire being held on two days we just picked which day was better for us. We went on Sunday as we had a race on Saturday. We also decided to go as soon as the Maker Faire opened to try to beat the crowds. That turned out to be a wise decision as the Maker Faire certainly got more congested as the day went on.

maker faire enterance

The Experience

This was our first time at the Maker Faire and we didn’t really know what to expect. We read a little about it on their website prior to going so we knew that we would see a lot of crazy contraptions and some Star Wars characters but that turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg. There were a ton of hands on activities both for kids and adults, lots of characters walking around (Star Wars ones and others), crazy contraptions, power racing and so much more. There really was something there for everyone!


The Tips

Another perk of going to the Maker Faire is that your admission also grants you access to the Henry Ford Museum! So although at first glance, the tickets for the Maker Faire might seem steep, when you take into account that the cost for admission just to the museum alone is $18 for adults and $13.50 for children the cost is actually very reasonable. There are many exhibits from the Maker Faire set up inside the museum but that doesn’t take away from the museum experience.

Bring Cash! We made the mistake of not bringing any cash with us and although most activities were free there were some that had a nominal charge associated with them in order to be able to participate. In most situations, the cost was just to cover the materials for the activity. In addition to paying for those low-cost activities, there was a great store where you could purchase geeky kits and souvenirs plus a lot of the vendors were selling items as well.

Come hungry! There were plenty of options for food and drink including your typical fair type food in addition to food trucks like Buffy’s Mexi-Casian Grill truck that we reviewed here.

The Opinions

Betsy: I went into this thinking that the Maker Faire would be more for Chris and his boys than for myself but I was wrong. I enjoyed it just as much as they did. There was so much to take in and look at, I am not even sure if we saw everything. The only downfall to the day was that Thing 3 wasn’t with us (he was at his Dad’s) because I think he would have really enjoyed it! Hopefully we will get to bring him next year!

If you live in the Detroit area, I highly recommend the Maker Faire. Everyone should go at least once!

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Chris: Words can’t describe how cool the Maker Faire is… you have to experience it. Definitely go early because it gets crowded as the day goes on. I had no idea what to expect going in, I knew I would like it but would it please everyone else? That answer is YES! There is so much to take in too… I stated in my blog post that I had wished I could write about each and every Maker we visited because it was all so cool and every one of them took the time to explain their technology and what it was they were doing. It inspired me to get out there and create something myself …I have a feeling I will have something to show off in the coming weeks.

Check out the video I made showcasing some of the highlights from the day.

Maker Faire