June 27 2017

Memorial Day at Greenfield Village

greenfield village review


Greenfield Village is one of our favorite destinations in the Metro Detroit area! Chris has loved The Henry Ford since he was a child so we always try to go there several times a year. Since we both had Memorial Day off this year we decided to check out what was going on in the Village for the holiday. This year they were hosting a Civil War Remembrance event which included both military and civilian camps from the 1860s as well as various presentations throughout the day.


greenfield village review

The Experience:

Since it was a holiday, we fully expected Greenfield Village to be pretty busy because events such as this tend to be a big draw. The great thing about Greenfield Village is that it is so expansive so you never feel crowded even when visitation is at it’s peak. They don’t charge extra for these types of special events so admission was still $27 for a single admission or free for members (membership prices start at $65+). There were plenty of gates open to get in so we basically walked right in.


greenfield village review

Right off the bat we noticed that there were tents everywhere! There were literally hundreds covering every square inch of open space throughout the village. It was pretty amazing to see all of the volunteers sporting authentic fashions of the times passing the time as one would expect people from that era to behave. Sewing, cooking in fire pits, woodcarving… things of that sort. It really enhanced the typical Greenfield Village experience.


greenfield village review

We took our normal route around the village, starting at the Firestone Farm and making out way towards the center for lunch. This year we were pretty excited about lunch because they had announced a NEW MENU featuring authentic period style dishes that you would often find being prepared at various houses around the village. Our resident foodie and oldest of the children was especially excited for some real ‘down home cookin’. We always eat at the Taste of History restaurant because its clean, roomy, and has something for everyone. The new menu is good, however, they did away with some of our old favorites so that was a downer. None the less, everyone enjoyed their meal so that is always a win in our book.


greenfield village review

After lunch we walked right into a demonstration right outside the restaurant on the village green. It was some type of memorial service for fallen Civil War soldiers, however, we had arrived late so we didn’t have a good view and couldn’t hear what was being said. A little while later we caught a mounted cavalry demonstration where soldiers riding horses completed various training exercises… it was fascinating!


greenfield village review

Recently, they built a new kids play area near the carousel in the village that looks like an old 1940s (?) era construction site. We’ve seen it on previous visit but never stopped in with the kids until now. We have to say that they did an incredible job with this playground and it is a must stop for anyone with kids while visiting. There was so much to do from a rock climbing wall, to a water-squirting gadget. We were very impressed and all 3 kids had a great time!


greenfield village review

In the end we spent about 5 hours total in our visit… we could have spent the entire day but since we’ve visited many time before we often breeze through areas we’ve done so many times before. Of course Chris always insists we stop at the gift shop on the way out as he is always looking for a new souvenir lol.


Final Thoughts:

Betsy: It is a rarity to find something that all five of us can agree upon but it is true that Chris and I enjoy Greenfield Village as much as the kids do. The yearly membership was a great investment as the Village always have special events like these that we can check out. Of course, Greenfield Village is great even on a non-event day too.


Chris: I love that we have the membership card so we can go as often as we like. If it were up to me, we’d be here every weekend lol. Betsy has heard my stories from my childhood visits …literally every single time we go… and she still humors me and listens as if I’m telling her for the first time. That’s love for ya 🙂


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February 23 2015

HopCat Detroit Review


The Experience

Chris and I ended up having an unexpected night out together last Friday because my friend was sick and was unable to attend the Garth Brooks concert with me. (To read about the Garth concert click here.) Since Chris doesn’t like country music I thought I would sweeten the deal by enticing him with dinner at HopCat beforehand. We’ve been to the one in Grand Rapids a couple of times but we had not yet had the opportunity to go to the new one in Detroit so Chris was all for it!

HopCat Detroit opened in December of 2014 and is located on Woodward Ave in MidTown Detroit in a renovated 100-year-old building. They have the largest tap selection in Michigan with 130 Craft Beers on tap. The second level of the restaurant is home to their Huma Room where they have live music and other performances. And like all of the other HopCats before them, they have a great menu and the infamous Crack Fries!

Parking is a bit tight in that area plus construction is currently under way for the M1 Rail (which will have a stop right outside HopCat) so Chris and I ended up parking a block away in the Wayne State parking garage. Normally the walk wouldn’t have bothered us but Friday just so happened to be one of those sub-zero days. It was a brisk walk to say the least.

HopCat Detroit (1)

Once inside we were seated right away as we had arrived before the dinner rush. Our waitress explained the beer menu in great length and perhaps we should have stopped her because we don’t drink beer. I know, I know…..we went to HopCat but we don’t drink beer? It is true, we are not beer drinkers and we actually don’t drink much of anything anymore. No particular reason, we just aren’t big drinkers. We do however, love the food at HopCat and that was why we were there.

While taking our order, you could tell that the waitress was a bit disappointed that we didn’t order any beer. Perhaps we were an anomaly she had not yet encountered there yet. People that don’t drink beer do actually exist.

Chris ordered the Grand Royale which is a sloppy joe topped with jalapeños, Crack Fries and cheese sauce on a brioche bun. (He always gets this every time we go to HopCat. That is how good it is!) I ordered The Bar Zee burger which is a half pound burger topped with cherry smoked bacon, jalapeños and bar cheese on a brioche bun. My burger came with Crack Fries and I also got cheese sauce on the side. Cheese sauce is a must with the Crack Fries!

HopCat Grand Royale

HopCat Bar Zee Burger

We both really liked our meals. We would also recommend the Killer Mac & Cheese. We did not have it at the Detroit location but we have had it in Grand Rapids and it is delicious!

The Opinions

Betsy: Overall I really enjoyed our dinner at HopCat! The Crack Fries were just as good as I remembered. I was however, a little annoyed by the waitress. In addition to the displeasure she had when we didn’t order any beer she also told us as we were leaving that when we come back next time we should try some of their beer. She didn’t say it in exactly those words and I understand that HopCat is known for their beer selection but there was obviously a reason why we didn’t order any beer. What if we were recovering alcoholics or something? We are not but still. On another bad note, I used the ladies room before we left the restaurant and it looked like it hadn’t been tended to in quite some time. Those two issues were minor for me though and would not deter me from going back to HopCat in Detroit again.

Chris: I love Hopcat’s food. I am so tempted get everything on the menu but I always have to go with the Grand Royale because you just can’t get anything like it anywhere else. Now that we don’t have to drive across the state to get to one I’m sure we will be visiting more often and I will stray from the norm and try the rest of the menu. I didn’t read our waitress as being displeased by our not getting beer but simply urging us to try some since that is obviously their claim to fame. Between the 2 locations I still enjoyed the one in Grand Rapids better… but maybe that’s because there was just a little bit of magic behind discovering a great place to eat while on a road trip lol.



February 16 2015

Valentine’s At Buddy’s Pizza

buddys pizza

We’re bringing the blog back! Not to be confused with bringing booty back. Very, very different. But still just as fun. We haven’t posted on here in a while but since one of us, cough Betsy cough, is in between jobs right now, we figured this was the perfect time to revitalize our little piece of the internet.

And we have lots to talk about after all. In January we made a trip out to California to Disneyland for the inaugural Disney Star Wars race! You can read about the races themselves on our other blogs here and here but on this blog we will be focusing on the travel and attractions part of the trip. So stay tuned for posts about that later this week!

In the meantime, we thought we would share our Valentine’s weekend excursion to one of our local pizza places, Buddy’s Pizza! We’ve blogged about them before but they are so good we thought that they were worth another mention.

We had Thing 1 & 2 with us over Valentine’s weekend so we couldn’t think of anything sweeter to do as a family than head to Buddy’s for some of their famous square pizza. We were a bit nervous as to how long the wait would be. Not only was it a Friday night, which is a notoriously busy restaurant night in our area, but it was also Valentine’s weekend. As luck would have it, we ended up waiting less than 20 minutes before we got seated!

Buddy's Pizza Shelby Township

The biggest decision we have at Buddy’s is what pizza to order! They have so many great options. We ended up ordering two pizzas, the Detroiter and the Meat Deluxe Pizza. We also got an order of their Oven-Baked Cheese & Bacon Fries as an appetizer.

Buddy's Pizza

Everything was great as usual! Our server, unfortunately we didn’t catch her name, was fantastic! She seemed to anticipate every need we had, she never let our drinks run out and she delivered quick and friendly service. We left with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to try out Buddy’s Pizza yet, we highly recommend that you give them a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you been to Buddy’s Pizza?

What is your favorite thing to order?

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January 7 2015

Holidays in Henry Ford Museum & Holiday Nights in Greenfield Village – Event Review 2014

henry ford

Holidays In Henry Ford Museum:

Beginning after Thanksgiving and continuing right on until Christmas, The Henry Ford gets all done up for Christmas. There are many activities for adults and kids alike and the best part is that there is no extra charge beyond the normal museum admission. $20 for adults, $15 for children, and 4 and under are free. If you live in the area, then a membership might be the way to go so you can have unlimited access all year round. The museum’s permanent exhibits are all open and accessible during this time but you get the bonus of some added attractions such as:

henry ford

Story time in an old train car. One of the many wonderful volunteers will read aloud from a selection of children’s holiday tales.

henry ford

The most photographed object inside the Henry Ford (the Allegheny Locomotive) get’s all done up for the occasion!

henry ford

There is a giant model train display and a VERY impressive Lego City display along side the trains on the far side of the building as well. But let’s not forget about Santa…

henry ford

Not many people know this… but Santa, the REAL Santa, comes to the Henry Ford every year to visit all the children of Metro-Detroit and beyond. SERIOUSLY! If you don’t believe me go see for yourself. Unlike other places that reportedly have Santa but actually have some guy in a fake beard in the middle of the mall this is the real deal! The other perk of seeing Santa at The Henry Ford is privacy. Santa is in his own little area away from all of the crowds where he has full conversations with each and every kid. This kind of quality experience takes time so expect to wait a good long while in line. It’s always good to be prepared with snacks and other activities to help pass the time… another good tip would be to take turns waiting in line so the kids can stay distracted elsewhere in the museum if they start to get antsy. In the end it is worth it!

So don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself! You will find that you will be coming back year after year.



greenfield village

Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village:

After hours, on select nights throughout December, you can walk the streets of Greenfield Village as it is done up like an old turn of the century Christmas town. Tickets for this event sell out well in advance so you need to plan your trip days or even weeks ahead of time. Prices are $22 for adults, $16 for children, and kids 4 and under are free. Members do not get in free for this event, however, they do get discounted tickets and the ability to purchase them a full month ahead of the general public. They also have special dining packages at the Eagle Tavern available at a somewhat premium price (we have never been but I’m sure the experience is worth it).

greenfield village

You will find the craftsmen working away in the various shops where you can watch them make actual items that get sold right there in the village. There are carolers singing, costumed townsfolk roaming the streets spreading cheer, and even a policeman or two directing traffic.

Greenfield Village

Take a ride on a Model T and go whizzing through the village as the driver honks the little horn at the people walking by. Or have a sing along on a horse-drawn wagon as you tour the streets. Even take a ride on the Carousel, all at no extra charge!

Greenfield Village

Unlike some of the other after hours events, most of the houses are open and done up for Christmas in a manner that was typical of that time period. You can shop at the street vendors for some classic ornaments or get a hot fresh batch of roasted chestnuts for a snack… yes you can even go ice skating!

Greenfield Village

To stay warm, they have small bonfires set up and one of the bonfires we stumbled across even had s’mores! The buildings are also heated but it is advisable to dress very warm for this event because you are spending the majority of the time outside. The event is very kid friendly, however, the weather might not be so keep that in mind when bringing the little ones.

Greenfield Village

Even Santa makes an appearance! After working all day inside the museum, Santa retires to his home-away-from-home where he sits out on the balcony greeting all the boys and girls. Naturally, a few days before Christmas he must return to the North Pole in order to prepare for his big journey …and then he probably goes on vacation after that …someplace warm. 😉

Greenfield Village

The evening ends with a stunning fireworks display while they hold a Christmas Carol sing-along in the square. The gift shops stay open an extra half hour so if you’ve had your eye on something but didn’t want to carry it… you can still run in and pick it up! Overall this was by far THE best event we have ever attended at the Henry Ford for any occasion! We will definitely be going back again every year from now on.

*Disclosure – We received free entry into the Holiday Nights event in exchange for our honest review. We are, however, members and frequent visitors of the Henry Ford and toured the museum on our own. 

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January 7 2015

Wild Lights At The Detroit Zoo – Event Review

detroit zoo

The details:

Starting mid- November, The Detroit Zoo comes alive at night with the twinkling of over five million lights. It’s dubbed “Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo” and it runs weekends and select nights from 530 – 9 pm through December 31st. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the gate PLUS a $6 parking fee (both members and non-members pay the same prices). It is STRONGLY recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance because the event sells out most nights. It is also advised that if you have your tickets you should avoid arriving early… normally we suggest the opposite but in this case there are HUGE crowds of people trying to purchase tickets at the gate and things get very congested and backed up for a good hour. The “loop” around the zoo is said to take about an hour and a half if you include the 4D movie experience. (This year is the Polar Express but we are unsure if it will be the same every year).

wild lights


Our experience:

This was our first visit to Wild Lights even though we are long time visitors of the zoo itself. Our motto is always to arrive early to beat the crowds but little did we know that was a mistake for this particular event. The line of cars to get into the zoo was so long that it had stopped traffic in the streets outside. Once we got in we barely managed to get a parking spot way at the very top of the parking garage and when we got to the main gate we were greeted by a huge mob. It wasn’t a terrible wait, however, we noticed as we were leaving that there were NO lines at all just a short while later.

wild lights

Once inside, things were less hectic and the crowds thinned out as we moved along. You are directed down a specific path and not allowed to roam free throughout the park. The light displays were stunning and somewhat themed by the area you were walking through. You can not, however, see the majority of the animals… the trails avoid most of the enclosures or they are blocked from view.

wild lights

The carousel was open as was the 4D Theater which was playing a condensed version of the Polar Express (not included in the ticket price). We skipped both of these attractions and continued through the trails. There were many concession stands open along the way including the Arctic Café where people could get holiday-themed snacks like hot cocoa and such. There were also warming stations every so often with space heaters or small bonfires to thaw you out on the colder nights. The full loop took us roughly an hour to complete. We did not dally in one place for too long and kept walking for the most part.

wild lights

Overall we had a great time! Next year we will have learned our lesson and will arrive after the mad rush for the gate opening. The displays were incredible and it was a fun night out with the family. We will definitely be attending this again next year!

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November 17 2014

Wild Lights at the Detroit Zoo PLUS Valvoline Instant Oil Change Giveaway!

Disclosure: We received something of value from the Detroit Zoo and Valvoline. All opinions are our own.

detroit zoo

The holiday season is upon us and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate this magical season than by loading the entire family up for a visit to the Detroit Zoo for their Wild Lights event! Wild Lights presented by Bank of America occurs on select nights in November and December and it features 5 million LED lights and over 100 animal sculptures throughout the zoo. In addition to the amazing light displays and sculptures there are other activities including crafts, carolers, ice carvers and even an opportunity to write a letter to Santa! You can also rest your feet by taking in the The Polar Express 4-D Experience at the 4-D Theater.

unnamed (12)

Here are some more details about the event:

When: November 22-24, 28-30 and December 5-7, 11-14, 18-23 and 26-31.

Time: 5:30 – 9 p.m.

Pricing: $8 per person in advance and $10 at the gate. Parking is an additional fee of $6 per car.

Tickets: To purchase your tickets in advance click here.

Another thing to note: If you purchase your tickets online before November 21st you will be entered into a drawing for a Family Four Pack of Tickets for Dinner with Santa at the Detroit Zoo!

unnamed (13)

Valvoline Instant Oil Change is a huge supporter of the Detroit Zoo and the Wild Lights event and is encouraging everyone whether you have 500 miles or 5,000 miles on your car to stop in at one of their 14 Metro Detroit area locations to prepare your car for Winter. Detroit Zoo members can show their membership card to save 15% off their entire invoice by using the coupon below!


In addition to the coupon for Detroit Zoo members, Valvoline also has a special giveaway for one FREE Oil Change for one of our readers. To enter the giveaway simply use the Rafflecopter widget below.

Good luck and we hope to see you at the Detroit Zoo Wild Lights Event!

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October 27 2014

Detroit Zoo Give Back Night PLUS a Giveaway! (ended)

Disclaimer: We received something of value courtesy of the Detroit Zoo and Outback Steakhouse. However, our love of the Detroit Zoo and Outback Steakhouse are genuine and all opinions are our own. 

unnamed (37)

It is no secret that our entire family loves loves loves the Detroit Zoo. We have a family membership so that we can visit as frequently as we want and Chris has even blogged about our adventurers there on his other blog, before we started this one. You can read about one of our visits there from this past Summer by clicking here and you can even watch a video from our first experience at Memberfest by clicking here.

unnamed (36)

Because of our love of the Detroit Zoo it is only natural that we share with you a special fundraiser that Outback Steakhouse is hosting for the Detroit Zoo. On November 6th, all Detroit area Outback Steakhouses will be hosting their Detroit Zoological Society Give Back Night Fundraiser.

The concept is pretty simple. Just dine at your favorite Detroit area Outback (any time between opening and 10pm), tell your server that you are there for Zoo Night and Outback will donate 15% of your total check to the Detroit Zoo! Easy, right? And really the whole idea is a win for everyone! You get a night off from cooking and you get to enjoy some tasty Outback food (who doesn’t love their cheese fries?) while knowing that you are also helping out the Detroit Zoo!

unnamed (38)

And if this news wasn’t big enough for you, we are also giving away a $20 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse thanks to the Detroit Zoo and Outback. To enter just use the Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway open to continental US residents only.

Good luck and we hope to see you at Outback for the Detroit Zoological Give Back Night Fundraiser!

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Give Back With Outback

October 20 2014

Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village – Review

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Introduction: Every October, Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan gets a spooktacular, turn-of-the-century Hallowe’en makeover. No I am not spelling Halloween incorrectly because in the early 1900s the evening was known as All Hallows’ Even and abbreviated as Hallowe’en. Now that you’ve had your history lesson for the day let me tell you about this great event!

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Details: Greenfield Village opens their doors after hours starting at 6:30 pm Friday through Sunday for 3 weeks in October for this event. Ticket prices are the same for adults and children, however, children under 2 are admitted free. (There is also a $5 parking fee per vehicle) Tickets are sold in half-hour increments through 9pm Friday and Saturday, and until 8pm on Sunday. It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance because these events sell out long before the evening begins. We can’t stress that enough: BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY! There were countless people at the ticket booth being turned away because they simply assumed they could buy their tickets at the door.

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Activities: You will not be allowed to enter the village until your scheduled time. This is to keep the crowds spaced out and allows everyone more enjoyment and less hassle as they venture around. The gift shop is open for shopping if you arrive early and need to kill some time before entry, otherwise most people just hung around the fountain near the entrance. Once inside, you will follow a path of over 1000 hand carved jack-o’-lanturns around the village where you will see spooky decorations in themed areas and several places to stop and trick-or-treat. You may bring your own bag, however, they had some available for free at the entrance. There were several small performances going on throughout the village with plenty of seating for those who wished to stay and watch. There were several food stands open as well, our favorite was one with classic cartoons playing near Menlo Park.

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Our Visit: This was our first visit to the Hallowe’en event at Greenfield Village so we didn’t know exactly what to expect. We dressed up as the 4 Ninja Turtles and April O’Neil to get into the spirit of things. We opted for a 7pm start time and figured we should arrive a half-hour early in order to get our tickets from “will-call”, stop at the bathrooms, and get situated before going in. We got a pretty good parking spot at that time and would definitely recommend an early start time because parking was a mess when we were leaving.

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

Once inside you were in a pretty decent sized mob and everyone was crowding around each of the displays for a good view. People began to spread out fairly quickly and only got bunched up around the trick-or-treat spots. Each was preceded by a costumed character alerting us of the upcoming candy so you could fall into line and be ready without much trouble. There weren’t as many candy stations as we had figured… not that the kids need tons of candy but we were over-prepared with our ginormous-sized bags when a small one would have sufficed.

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

It took us a little over an hour to walk the village in it’s entirety without stopping to eat or catch a show. I would have liked to stay and watch one of the performances but the kids were eager to press on. Overall this was a great experience and the kids had a blast! This is definitely an event we will attend for years to come!


Disclaimer: We were given free entry to this event in exchange for our honest opinions. However, we are huge fans of the Henry Ford and probably would have went regardless.

October 13 2014

Buddy’s Restaurant Pizzeria – Review

buddys pizza

This past weekend was a child-free weekend for Chris and I and since it doesn’t happen too often we took advantage of it by going on a date night. For our date we decided to go to the new Buddy’s Restaurant Pizzeria located in Shelby Twp just north of Hall Road on Hayes.

Not familiar with Buddy’s Pizza? Buddy’s Pizza is a Detroit based restaurant chain that got started in 1936 when they opened their first restaurant. In 1946 they introduced their square pizza which they are well-known for today. They currently have 10 restaurants in the Metro Detroit area with an extensive menu that includes their famous pizza, appetizers, salads, entrees and much more.

When we arrived at Buddy’s Pizza we were told that there would be about a half hour wait for a table. We were content with that wait time as any restaurant in that area on a Saturday night would have that amount of wait time or longer. Since the weather was decent, we waited outside with our buzzer and we were pleasantly surprised when our buzzer went off after only ten minutes of waiting! Once we were inside we were seated promptly and with a smile.

unnamed (19)

The restaurant itself is nice and quite large. Larger than you would expect it to be by just looking at it from the outside. As expected it was quite busy in there but our server greeted us quickly and took our drink orders. Within no time at all Chris and I had decided what we would order (pizza, of course!) and our waitress came back with our drinks and took our order.

In no time at all, we received our appetizer, the Oven Baked Cheese & Bacon Fries.




We are a sucker for cheese fries and have tried them at many different restaurants. These did not disappoint!

After we just about polished off the cheese fries, our pizzas were brought to the table. I went with the Detroiter Pizza which has cheese, pepperoni, tomato basil sauce, Parmesan cheese and Buddy’s Sicilian spice blend. Chris ordered the Meat Deluxe which has cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon and seasoned ground beef.

The Detroiter
The Detroiter
The Meat Deluxe
The Meat Deluxe


We both really enjoyed our pizzas! I especially liked the Sicilian spice blend on mine and Chris liked all of the meat on his pizza. As planned, we had more than enough than we could eat so we had some to take home to eat for lunch the next day!


unnamed (16)


Prior to this weekend it had been quite some time since either of us have been to Buddy’s but now that they have a location that is more ideal for us, I can’t imagine us going too long before we will be back there again. The food was great and the service was quick and friendly. What more could you ask for?


Are you a fan of Buddy’s Pizza?

What is your favorite pizza place?

August 11 2014

Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular

Type: Live Show

Location: various cities, times/dates

Ticket price $30-$100

Notes: suitable for children, parental advisory – loud scary noises

photo 5

Based on the BBC show of the same name, Walking With Dinosaurs takes you on a journey through prehistoric time using incredibly life-like puppets and robots. It is geared towards younger kids but is interesting enough for the whole family.

photo 1

It is hosted by an “adventurer” who both narrates and interacts with the events taking place. He sets up each era with great facts and details while using special effects to keep everything interesting. The dialog is very easy to follow for kids while adults don’t feel as though he is talking “kiddie talk” to them.

photo 3

The show runs roughly 2 hours and includes a 20 minute intermission at the halfway point. At the Palace of Auburn Hills, where we attended the show, they charged an additional $10 for parking. Many of the concession stands were open selling the typical stadium food at typical stadium prices.

photo 4

Overall the show was good. The ticket price is a bit steep but understandable once you see these giant Dinosaurs walking around the stage. (we got ours free from a giveaway by MichiGal Travels) The Dinos were impressive… VERY IMPRESSIVE! They moved in a very lifelike fashion, even bobbing a little with every step. Their size may not have been 100% true to life but they were still gigantic! The story line was a tad bit dull and there was a lot of filler material in between Dinos. In the end the boys had a great time and really that’s all that mattered.

photo 2

According to the website, they are touring many of the major cities in the U.S. And Canada. There are no more dates in the Detroit area, it appears the show is moving across the country east to west so your only chance to catch it is the western states or Canada.