October 13 2014

Buddy’s Restaurant Pizzeria – Review

buddys pizza

This past weekend was a child-free weekend for Chris and I and since it doesn’t happen too often we took advantage of it by going on a date night. For our date we decided to go to the new Buddy’s Restaurant Pizzeria located in Shelby Twp just north of Hall Road on Hayes.

Not familiar with Buddy’s Pizza? Buddy’s Pizza is a Detroit based restaurant chain that got started in 1936 when they opened their first restaurant. In 1946 they introduced their square pizza which they are well-known for today. They currently have 10 restaurants in the Metro Detroit area with an extensive menu that includes their famous pizza, appetizers, salads, entrees and much more.

When we arrived at Buddy’s Pizza we were told that there would be about a half hour wait for a table. We were content with that wait time as any restaurant in that area on a Saturday night would have that amount of wait time or longer. Since the weather was decent, we waited outside with our buzzer and we were pleasantly surprised when our buzzer went off after only ten minutes of waiting! Once we were inside we were seated promptly and with a smile.

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The restaurant itself is nice and quite large. Larger than you would expect it to be by just looking at it from the outside. As expected it was quite busy in there but our server greeted us quickly and took our drink orders. Within no time at all Chris and I had decided what we would order (pizza, of course!) and our waitress came back with our drinks and took our order.

In no time at all, we received our appetizer, the Oven Baked Cheese & Bacon Fries.




We are a sucker for cheese fries and have tried them at many different restaurants. These did not disappoint!

After we just about polished off the cheese fries, our pizzas were brought to the table. I went with the Detroiter Pizza which has cheese, pepperoni, tomato basil sauce, Parmesan cheese and Buddy’s Sicilian spice blend. Chris ordered the Meat Deluxe which has cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon and seasoned ground beef.

The Detroiter
The Detroiter
The Meat Deluxe
The Meat Deluxe


We both really enjoyed our pizzas! I especially liked the Sicilian spice blend on mine and Chris liked all of the meat on his pizza. As planned, we had more than enough than we could eat so we had some to take home to eat for lunch the next day!


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Prior to this weekend it had been quite some time since either of us have been to Buddy’s but now that they have a location that is more ideal for us, I can’t imagine us going too long before we will be back there again. The food was great and the service was quick and friendly. What more could you ask for?


Are you a fan of Buddy’s Pizza?

What is your favorite pizza place?

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